Evaluations, Research and Studies

We support organizations to design and conduct robust program evaluations and assessments. Our partners are empowered to continually manage qualitative & quantitative program impact data collection and use. We provide data collection, processing, analysis & dissemination services. In the past, we have conducted various needs assessments, baseline studies as well as mid-term and end line project evaluations in different areas including Education, health, WASH, Gender and domestic Violence, refugee projects, livelihood support projects as well as government organisations

We have conducted serveral evaluations and researches in the following sectors


Lida Africa has conducted several evaluations on Sexual and Reproductive Health, Maternal Health, HIV/AIDs and Infant and Child Health


Our work in Education has rotated around Access to Quality Education, Early Childhood and Development (ECD) as well as Adolescent Development including life skills measurements

Gender Based Violence & Child Protection

Lida Africa has conducted several evaluations and research projects on Gender Based Violence in Central, Norhern and Eastern Uganda.


We have evaluated programmes focusing on access and utilisation of Water as well as sanitation facilities.

Decent Housing & Livelihoods

We have also evaluated programmes focusing on providing decent housing to community members with an aim of building resilience and sustainable livelihoods.

Disability Inclusive Evaluations

We have evaluated programmes that have specifically targetted persons with disabilities including children with Autism

Nutrition & Infant & young child feeding (IYCF)

Lida Africa has conducted Nutritional Assessments as well as evaluations focusing on Infant and young child feeding (IYCF)

Youth Empowerment, Employability & Life Skills

We have worked with several organisations suporting young people and adolescents on life skills as well as practicalskills. Several ofour partners have focused on out of school and in school youth nd adolescents.