Lida Africa advances the realization of sustainable development goals in sectors of public health, education, social, economic and human services in Africa.

Developing M&E Frameworks
We develop M&E organisational structures, theories of change, Logic models, key performance indicators, M&E plan, monitoring and evaluation tools among others.

Capacity Development
We conduct training workshops in M&E modules, data management, analysis, reporting and the latest technological innovations in M&E. Participants have practical sessions using relevant soft wares such as advanced Ms.Excel, Ms.Access SPSS, & STATA among others.
Our Participants receive experience based individual and group mentoring within their organisations to enable them to apply the gained knowledge and skills. They also have access to our specialised online trainings in M&E, data management and analysis in which they are subjected to online assignments and assessments.

Research and consultancy
We support you in designing and conducting surveys for evaluations and assessments. These include baseline surveys, midline surveys, midterm project assessments, end line surveys, and end of project assessments. Our surveys are designed with a required study design that suits your thematic areas.

We also offer support in data collection, processing and analysis for decision making. We have experience in both qualitative and quantitative data management. Through our experience with data entry packages, we enter and clean for you data from monitoring activities, research, evaluations and assessments. In our data entry activities we ensure that no data is having an error rate of more than 1%.

Graduate Fellowships
Lida Africa is committed to bridge the gap between the labour market and the education system through enhancing graduates’ practical experience in M&E, project management, research and statistics.
Our Global School of Experience offers our fellows with mentorships, trainings, involvement in project managements and assessments. Fellows also receive M&E placements in corporate partners plus skills trainings.

Automated support systems
To strengthen the role of community, project staff and donors in monitoring the performance, we develop database management systems that involve automated data analysis and reporting systems. We also create online visual dashboards for effective sharing of M&E findings with donors, implementing partners and community members.

M&E Technological innovations
Lida Africa recognises the role of technology in the 21st century. We use the latest technology to innovate M&E solutions for our partners. This includes real time data collection systems like SMS system, smartphone systems and mobile apps. Lida Africa also invests in development of M&E apps and softwares.