Advanced Training in Excel, Google Tools and STATA running from 8th October 2016 to 30th October 2016 at Lida Africa Training Centre, Kyambogo University
Our clients receive executive experience based M&E mentorship for practical applicability of M&E principles and methodologies
Lida Africa Executive Director (Standing 2nd Left) at an Executive Education Course in Evaluating Social Programmes organized by J-PAL and IPA at Protea Hotel, Kampala in 2012.
Our services are a class above, meeting all your day today needs and enriching your potential for sustainability.
Learning directly from the community where our clients work, empowers us to empower our clients and ensures efficiency.

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Donor Agency

As a donor, work with us to support your implementing partners in building sustainable M&E systems, capacity and innovative research and data management. You can also make a donation to promote Lida Africa’s vital work in boosting organisational M&E systems


As a Civil Society Organisation (CSO), work with us to support you in strengthening your M&E function through trainings, consultancies, research and other services

Corporate partnerships

Corporations play a leading role in fostering Lida Africa’s vital work. Partner with us by sponsoring an event like M&E trainings, retreats and workshops. Support our research endeavours to generate key findings about various research schemes. Partner with our fellowship program to equip our Graduate Fellows with practical M&E skills and other employability skills.


Our volunteers are drawn from various academic and professional backgrounds. If you are interested in volunteering for Lida Africa, we will be pleased to hear from you.

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